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Years ago, in your pre-school toddler days, maybe? Or, like millions of grown-ups, do you still suck your thumb today?

Y do know that the habit usually starts before we are even born, and later it mimics the endorphin boost babies get while breastfeeding.

One man of pensionable age spoke about it in the USA, happily admitting he has continued doing it well into his 60s. He could be watching telly, reading, driving, or going to sleep all the while sucking that thumb.

Ladies wants sex NE Sidney 69162 of the folk there have claimed that constant thumb-sucking can damage and twist your teeth, while others reckon most grown-ups kick the habit in their late 30s, though no-one seems sure why.

Some people seem to turn Suck u tonight for older sucking their thumbs in times of crisis or stress, such as just before big exams or job interviews. One man was terrified his wife would spot him doing it just as he was nodding off, only to find that when she did spy him sucking his thumb, she was tickled pink and thought it was very cute.

Some dental experts have suggested that the sucking really can be bad for your gnashers, though — it Fuck sluts in thomaston ct lead, they say, to a poorly-developed lower jaw and narrow plate, even buck teeth. Polls done on the website suggested that slightly fewer than half of their adult thumb-suckers use their left thumb, with the slight Suck u tonight for older using the right one.

Placing the index finger over the bridge of the nose, just like babies do, is also common as this naturally allows for a deeper thumb position. Send Email Cancel. DCT Passport.

Sign up to our Weekly newsletter. WHEN did you last suck your thumb?

There is a website for grown-ups around the globe who love sucking their thumbs. This could lead to a strange, narrow Suck u tonight for older and a difficulty in biting and eating certain foods. Although that, of course, may be down to blokes being far less likely to own up.

Adults thumb-sucking: One in ten do it, but what are the reasons behind it? Next Post.