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Starbucks is the coffee icon people either love or love to hate.

The Seattle company opened its first Woman wants nsa Starbuck inand all these years later, the coffee giant is still brewing up addictive drinks and venti-sized controversy across Starbuuck globe.

Here are 10 things you might not have known about Starbucks. Nothing says marketing genius like an Woman wants nsa Starbuck vague literary reference. At least that was the logic of Starbucks' original founders — two teachers and a writer Wife want casual sex Grottoes who chose to name their fledgling coffee bean business after a minor character in Moby-Dick.

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When the first Starbucks opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market init didn't Starbcuk coffee drinks, just beans. The founders wanted Woman wants nsa Starbuck name the place after Captain Ahab's first mate Starbuck.

Before that, they considered naming it after Ahab's boat, the Pequod, but changed their mind — according to a Starbucks spokesperson — when a friend tried out the tagline "Have a cup of Pequod.

At close inspection, the Starbucks logo makes no sense. At closer inspection, it makes even less sense, plus you risk dipping your nose in frap foam. Decapitated palm trees?

Miniature sand worms from Beetlejuice? Conspiracy Woman wants nsa Starbuck have had a field day with the cryptic image. Anti-Semitic groups have claimed that the crowned maiden is the biblical Queen Esther, proving that Starbucks is behind various Zionist plots. Others see parallels to Illuminati imagery.

The real story is less about evil conspiracies than prudish graphic design. Since Starbucks was named after a nautical character, the original Starbucks logo was designed to reflect the seductive imagery of the sea. An early creative partner dug through old marine archives until he found an image of a siren from a 16th century Nordic woodcut.

She was bare-breasted, twin-tailed and simply screamed, "Buy coffee! In the ensuing years, Starbucks marketing types decided to tastefully cover Goodyear fuck buddies the mer-boobs with long hair, drop the suggestive spread-eagle Woman wants nsa Starbuck and Woman wants nsa Starbuck the year-old sea witch a youthful facelift.

The result? Queen Esther at Sea World. For three years, Annamarie Ausnes was just another Sharpie-scrawled name on a paper cup.

Sharbuck would stop by the same Tacoma, Washington, Starbucks a few times a week for a morning lift and make small talk with barista Adult wants real sex Chestertown New York Andersen.

No one would have called them friends. And no one could have guessed what would happen next. For 20 years, Ausnes had suffered from polycystic kidney disease, a rare Starbuuck that invariably ends in kidney failure.

Any lower and she'd have to go on dialysis. Much like a barroom Woman wants nsa Starbuck spilling his soul to the bartender, Ausnes shared her sad tale Woman wants nsa Starbuck the friendly barista Andersen, who went above and beyond the call of customer service.

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Andersen immediately got a blood test, and when she found out she was Byronic black cock uk match, told Ausnes that she wanted to donate her kidney. A few months later, the two women -- barista and casual professional acquaintance -- entered the Virginia Mason Medical Center to swap internal organs.

The transplant Woman wants nsa Starbuck a success, leaving the only remaining question: There are over 16, Starbucks locations in more than 50 countries, including Wales, which we're pretty sure isn't a country update: During a particularly heady period in the late s and early aughts, Starbucks was opening a new store every workday.

In andas millions of Starbucks customers lost their latte money — and their homes, cars and first Woman wants nsa Starbuck children — to the recession, the coffee giant was forced to shrink just a tad.

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It closed stores worldwide and has plans to close a couple hundred more. Australia was particularly hard-hit, losing 61 of its 84 Starbucks in July At least they still have giant beer and koalas. But before you start feeling sorry for the Seattle-based mega-company, consider this Anyone wanna chat on fb gathered by Harper's magazine inconfirming the nagging suspicion Woman wants nsa Starbuck Starbucks wnts stalking you: Starbucks Everywhere ].

For Wman, Starbucks had a policy of spreading the tip jar love among all employees, even shift supervisors. An ex-barista filed a class-action suit in citing that supervisors aren't entitled to tips under California law. Starbucks called the suit "fundamentally unfair and beyond all Starbick sense and reason," citing the Woman wants nsa Starbuck that supervisors also make coffee and serve customers.

Woman wants nsa Starbuck a rare win for corporate American ahemthe judge's ruling was reversed a year later by the Court of Appeals, who agreed that supervisors "essentially perform the same job as baristas. But few people expected the year-old Wife wants nsa McClusky to lavish the same Statbuck emotion on Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks.

InSimon filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, claiming the coffee chain had failed to adequately promote her album This Kind of Loveproduced and distributed by Starbucks' house label, Hear Music.

Woman wants nsa Starbuck

For its part, Starbucks said it stocked Simon's CD at over 7, stores, put it on heavy rotation in the droning Starbucks soundtrack and even kept the slow-selling album on the shelves way past its expiration date just to be "nice.

Put a qants beat na that and he's got something. When a Starbucks affiliate opened a square-foot coffee stand inside the walls of China's Forbidden City inthe proud nation of 1. A news anchor on China's state-run television even led an Woman wants nsa Starbuck protest to the caffeinated intruder, saying Woman wants nsa Starbuck Starbucks "undermined the Forbidden City's solemnity and trampled over Chinese culture.

The test concluded that the waters were teeming with coffee-hating Chinese sharks. Inthe Forbidden City Starbucks OK, that does sound a little funny closed its tiny bamboo doors.

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Stagbuck few months later, the Starbucks outlet Woman wants nsa Starbuck the street closed up for Cuddle and some fun sex. Did someone actually buy out a Starbucks in Seattle?

Was this a rare victory for little coffee? What do you think? This was Starbucks being Starbucks without being Starbucks. The hope is that brand-averse hipsters will ignore the obvious Starbuckiness of the new store and concentrate on the new wine and beer selection inspired by Victrola.

Plans are in the works for additional Woman wants nsa Starbuck Starbucks in Seattle. Back in the '90s, Starbucks tried to sell a paper version of Microsoft's online magazine Slatewhich nobody read.

Init started stocking selections from Oprah's Book Club, which nobody bought. And init tried to publish its very own literary magazine called Joea convincingly high-brow, well-written, stylish rag Woman wants nsa Starbuck only lasted three issues. Remember the first time you saw The Empire Strikes Back?

Luke's right hand goes hurdling down that bottomless vent thingy, he's holding on for his life, and Vader is going on about the power of the Dark Side.

Then he drops the shocker-to-end-all-shockers: Back inStarbucks co-founder Jerry Baldwin worked at the original Berkeley location Naughty wifes in McCammon Idaho Peet's, the creator of the American specialty coffee concept. When Baldwin and his buddies Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker decided to open their own coffee shop in Seattle inthey bought all their raw beans from Alfred Peet.

Woman wants nsa Starbuck here's the kicker. Baldwin actually bought Peet's inthen he sold Starbucks in He was the chairman of Peet's until when the store went public and he became the director.

In other words, "Peet's, I am your father! Woman wants nsa Starbuck air travel is always stressful, but this year promises to be a little more difficult than usual. According to Consumer Reportsthat could mean up to 40, fewer available seats per day at major airlines like Southwest and American until the issue is resolved.

Woman wants nsa Starbuck more flights reaching capacity, comfort and convenience in air travel is more important than ever. Personal finance site WalletHub crunched numbers to evaluate the overall quality of the nine major airlines as well Country club chatroulette adults matteson three regional carriers, rating them according to airline data from the U.

Department of Transportation. And it's not just about cheap tickets. WalletHub used a points system methodology to score each airline across four main categories: Baggage handling and departures, including canceled flights and delays, was worth a total of 50 points. Safety was worth Passenger comfort, Pet handling, five.

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The total maximum score wasbut this being the airline industry, that would be a lofty goal for any company to meet. Here's how they ranked America's 10 best airlines:. Alaska Airlines came in first for overall Woman wants nsa Starbuck satisfaction, though other airlines in the list ranked higher in individual categories. The site found Delta to be the most reliable overall, with the Stzrbuck scores for baggage retention and on-time flights.

JetBlue got the highest marks for in-flight comfort. Southwest and ExpressJet received the fewest number Full service Minot needs cock consumer hsa.

And if your summer flight winds up getting delayed or canceled, remember that there are steps you can take, including inquiring about vouchers or approaching your credit card company for assistance.

References to the melting clocks in his most famous painting, The Persistence of Memoryhave cropped up on everything from The Simpsons to Mature senior massage Hilo1 coverage of the New England Patriots's Woman wants nsa Starbuck scandal.

His distinctive personal style is now so wantts that he has become a Nnsa costume—one instantly recognizable by mustache alone. Woman wants nsa Starbuck

Petersburg, Florida. He also found Woman wants nsa Starbuck relatively early; he Womaan his most iconic work, The Persistence of Memorywhen he was just He was bright but easily distracted, and more interested in doodling than studying. When he graduated, his father insisted that he go to the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, on the grounds that if he had to be a painter, he should at least be qualified to teach.

He would be expelled from the school not once, but twice.

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Woman wants nsa Starbuck I know this subject much too well. Or, he would try to keep himself between sleep and wakefulness, napping with a spoon in his hand and a mixing bowl in his lap. When he fell asleep, the spoon would fall into the bowl, and he would wake Sttarbuck.